Feed Your Family a Super Healthy Diet: 5 Simple Mealtime Strategies {Podcast #297}

It’s a new year, which means there are plenty of resolutions being tossed around. From exercising more to eating more fruits and veggies, what’s your goal for 2017? On this week’s Cooking with the Moms podcast, we checked in with Amy Roskelley, founder of Super Healthy Kids, for her top 5 ways to achieve success when you resolve to feed your family right.

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(1) Eat More Dinners Together
Make it a part of your family culture. Even when your kids get older and they’re busy with late-afternoon and evening activities, making the time to dine together leads to better nutrition for everyone.

(2) Include More Fruits and Vegetables in the Diet vs. Eliminate Entire Food Groups
From gluten free to dairy free, instead of jumping on a popular diet trend that calls for eliminating entire food groups, Amy recommends shifting your focus to ADDING foods to your family’s diet, especially fruits and vegetables. And she offers this great advice: If your child shuns a particular vegetable—steamed broccoli for example—instead of trying it over and over again, prepare it 10 different ways. If steamed broccoli gets rejected at your table, roasted broccoli might be a big hit.

Fruit and Veggie tracker from Super Healthy Kids

Check out this free Fruit & Veggie Tracker download from SHK.

(3) Weekly Meal Prep
Amy says you’re much more likely to eat vegetables if they’re washed, chopped, and stored in containers (she loves wide-mouth Mason jars) so they’re at the ready when mealtime rolls around. Pick one day each week to organize ingredients for the days ahead.

Turkey Chili Potatoes from Super Healthy Kids

{Turkey Chili Potatoes: Photo courtesy Super Healthy Kids.}

(4) Meal Planning
Are you organized when it comes to making family dinners or do you fly by the seat of your pants!? Plotting out your meals ahead of time means fewer takeout meals or pizza deliveries. Super Healthy Kids offers a meal planning subscription service, and when we asked Amy to share one of the most popular recipes from the plan, she offered up these Turkey Chili Potatoes.

(5) Have Fun with Food
From gardening to growing herbs indoors to TV food shows hosted by kids, Having fun with food is one of the best ways to entice tiny taste buds.

What’s your family’s resolution for 2017?

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