A Recipe for Banana Brownie Waffles and a Giveaway for a Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker (Podcast #92)

Valentine’s Day is just days away, and if you’re planning breakfast in bed for your special someone (or hoping YOU get breakfast in bed), we hope you’ll try our delicious new Banana Brownie Waffle recipe. Read on for the recipe or listen to this week’s Cooking with the Moms radio podcast to hear all about it.

Ah, but what if you want to make our recipe but don’t own a waffle maker? No worries because our latest blog giveaway features a fabulous Cuisinart 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker. To enter, all you have to do is post a comment telling us about your favorite waffle recipe or why you want to win the giveaway.

Our Banana Brownie Waffles blow the doors off frozen waffles because they’re made with good-for-you ingredients — things like whole wheat flour, wheat germ, bananas, and omega-3 eggs — and they’re so delicious your family will request them again and again. The recipe makes eight waffles (or more depending on the type of waffle maker you use), and they freeze really well. We suggest you cook up a batch, freeze a bunch, and then reheat whenever the waffle  mood strikes!

Banana Brownie Waffles

Makes Eight 4 ½ x 4 ½-inch Waffles

  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder, sifted
  • 1/4 cup wheat germ
  • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1½ cups 1% low-fat milk
  • 2 ripe bananas, mashed (about 1 cup)
  • 2 large eggs, beaten
  • 1/4 cup canola oil
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • Pure maple syrup or light whipped cream, optional

1. Preheat the waffle iron according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Whisk together the all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, cocoa powder, wheat germ, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon and salt in a large bowl,

3. In a separate bowl, whisk together the milk, bananas, eggs, canola oil, and vanilla extract until well blended.  Pour over the dry ingredients and stir until just combined.

4. Lightly oil or coat the hot waffle iron grids with nonstick cooking spray.  Pour the batter onto the center of the lower grid (about 2 cups, or the amount specified for your waffle iron) and cook on medium to medium-high setting until done, 2 to 4 minutes.  Repeat with the remaining cooking spray and batter.

5. Serve with maple syrup or light whipped cream as desired.

Nutrition Information per Serving (1 waffle):  270 calories, 10g fat (1.5g saturated, 0.7g omega-3), 330mg sodium, 37g carbohydrate, 4g fiber, 8g protein, 15% calcium, 15% iron

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To Enter our Cuisinart 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker Giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us about your favorite homemade waffle recipe, your favorite brand of frozen waffles, or why you want to win the waffle maker. Sharing a link to your favorite recipe would also be great.

We Will Enter You into the Giveaway Multiple Times if you do any or all of the following (just be sure to leave us a new comment every time you do one of these things):

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Our giveaway ends on Monday, February 22, 2010 at noon. As always, we’ll use Random.org to choose the winner. By the way, in case you’re wondering, we do not work for Cuisinart. They’ve just been incredibly generous, and we thank them!

209 responses to “A Recipe for Banana Brownie Waffles and a Giveaway for a Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker (Podcast #92)”

  1. Your pictures aren’t showing up.
    Anyway- here is our go-to waffle recipe
    And I have your blog button on my sidebar!!

  2. Org Junkie says:

    These look amazing! I usually use just the typical batter but since I have a heart shaped waffle maker I’m thinking this recipe would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!!

  3. Chelsea says:

    My family LOVES waffles!!!

  4. Lethea Benson says:

    I would so LOVE to have this=) I would make my hubby some delicious blueberry waffles(his fav!) and make his day!

    Thanks bunches for a chance=)

  5. Jill says:

    My kids are addicted to Eggos, but I would love to show them what a “real” waffle tastes like!! I don’t have a waffle maker, but have always wanted one!

  6. I don’t have a favorite. I normally just have your regular waffles with syrup but I LOVE them and my family does too. I’d love to win this!!!

    I don’t know if you entered the Holey Donuts giveaway or not, but if you could check out this post and do so for my blog, it would mean a TON for my family and you can enter for the book afterwards too if you wish (White Cat by Holly Black ARC)!:


  7. Brandie says:

    I don’t really have a favorite waffle recipe – but yours looks fabulous! I would love to win this waffle maker because mine stinks…it’s just a cheapy one and only does two waffles at a time.

  8. Brandie says:

    I’m a Facebook fan!

  9. Katie Murray says:

    Our favorite Waffles are Honey Whole Wheat. I use a great mix I found at the grocery store but they taste super good and are good for you. I use our heat shaped waffle maker but would love a belgian one.

  10. Katie Murray says:

    I am a fan of facebook.

  11. Katie says:

    We do not own a waffle maker, but my 5 year old son has been asking for one for months. I, occasionally, buy frozen waffles, but usually we just eat a lot of pancakes. We like your pumpkin chocolate chip recipe. It would make my son so happy to have our own waffle maker.

  12. AmyM says:

    OMG, those waffles look fabulous! I want a waffle maker so I can make those waffles! Right now we eat frozen low fat nutrigrain eggo waffles because they are quick. But on the weekends I like to make something better and we are sick of the same old pancakes, eggs, and french toast.

  13. Trish says:

    I would love to win the waffle maker because I have a fantasy of having a whole bunch of freezer waffles made by me! Talk about pushing the easy button in the morning.

  14. Lynn Gray says:

    I luv all kinds of waffles. Plain ones, waffles with toppings, and we eat eggo waffles weekly.yummy

  15. Cindy Zhou says:

    I love waffles and can do lots of fun creative asian inspired toppings, like red bean paste and green tea ice cream!!! also I would love a waffle maker because there aren’t many things I can actually make on my own, I’m not the best in the kitchen =)

  16. Bethany says:

    One of my favorite memories, when I was a little girl, is of my dad making waffles every Saturday morning. He always had a secret ingredient, usually apples, carrots or zucchini. My brother and I would even wake up early just to eat these waffles. We love waffles and would love to have a belgian waffle maker so that we could try these waffles. Thanks, Beth from ND

  17. Meg V. says:

    I don’t usually have time to make my own waffles (although this recipe may change that), but I love to make the Kashi homestyle waffles and put fresh strawberries and blueberries with a little bit of Pure Maple Syrup over top. Cut it up and mix it all together. Makes a great, healthy breakfast and gets us all prepared to have a great day.

  18. Denise Lewis says:

    My 3 year old daughter is on a gluten free diet due to Celiac Disease. We would love to have a brand new waffle maker dedicated to gluten free so we could make gluten free waffles!

  19. Denise Lewis says:

    I’m a fan on facebook!

  20. Denise Lewis says:

    Shared the link on facebook!

  21. Patty says:

    My 3 year old son has recently been pooh-poohing breakfast, but LOVES waffles. I hate to give him frozen waffles in the morning, so having a waffle maker would be great, especially if I could make the batter the night before so it would take less time before I have to send him off to preschool!

    Oh, and I’m a fan on Facebook, too, where I just shared the link!!!

  22. Julia says:

    Your recipe sounds DELICIOUS! Win or not, I’m going to try it out. I’m a FB fan.

  23. Elaine says:

    Yum! I want to win the waffle maker because the one we got as a wedding gift only serves two and we’re about to become a family of four!

  24. Kate, RD says:

    My favorite kind of batter for waffles/pancakes is made with pumpkin! So, so yummy and a really perfect pairing with real maple syrup. Yum!

  25. Kate, RD says:

    Just became a Facebook fan too!

  26. Jennifer says:

    I left a comment on Facebook, and I’ll link to this post also! I shared over there that I really, really have dreamed of having a waffle maker, but my hubby always likes to keep an eye on how many appliances we have in our small house, so I’ve never bought a waffle maker. . .If I won it, I would just have to start making this waffle recipe immediately!

    BTW, I started using pumpkin in my usual healthy pancake recipe, and now my kids don’t want them without the pumpkin! And, I have totally switched to EB eggs. . .your podcast is making us healthier by the day!

  27. Kim from Minnesota says:

    Would love, love, love a modern waffle maker! My grandmother’s waffle maker is tucked away in a drawer (think black and white woven thread-wrapped cord!). My son loves whole-wheat waffles for breakfast on school days, and I’d love to make them from scratch. Spread on some peanut butter, serve with a glass of milk, and he’s got three food groups (two of them among the Food Groups to Encourage!).

  28. Rebecca says:

    We love orange buckwheat waffles. Make extra to put in the freezer, pop in the toaster and spread with peanut butter and/or honey! YUM!! Our old waffle maker is biting the dust!!

  29. Jen says:

    This recipe sounds awesome!! We would LOVE a new waffle maker! The last time I used mine- I was cleaning it up a bit before using and apparently got it a little wet. Plugged it in and POP!! I killed it 🙁

  30. Jen says:

    PS- I am also a facebook fan <3

  31. beth says:

    We make banana waffles all the time. But I’m totally excited to try brownie banana waffles – tomorrow morning! I’ll have to whip up some vanilla syrup for just the right flavors. YUM!

  32. Jen says:

    Just tweeted 🙂

  33. Nicole says:

    Yeah! I can make this tomorrow for my kids. My kids are missing school again tomorrow. 3 straight snow days, then the weekend, then they’re off for Presidents day.

  34. Kim says:

    My daughter loves waffles on Sundays and I’d love to win the waffle maker so that I can give her fresh waffles instead of the frozen ones!

  35. Chris M. says:

    As a poor college student, I can’t afford money to buy a waffle maker. I’m always on the run, so having something easy to use like this would be great to have so I can quick make waffles for breakfast on the go. I love the idea of brownie banana waffles as well. Maybe a little caramel in there too…mmmm

    Anyway, thanks for the giveaway.

  36. jen says:

    MUMMM waffles- my fav. are graham cracker waffles- slightly sad that you have to buy the mix from a store- would love a great rec. for them!

  37. Julia says:

    I haven’t made waffles in years, but I definitely will try these! We usually buy the frozen Van’s flaxseed waffles if we get any.

  38. ashley laschon says:

    We dont have a waffle maker and w/3 kids under 4y/o mornings can get hectic. I’d love something to simplify and I think this would help. Ty for the giveaway! 🙂

  39. Jennifer says:

    We love waffles, but I don’t have a waffle maker. I have been meaning to get one! Would love to move beyond frozen Trader Joe’s waffles to making my own.

    Also, just became a FB fan. Thank you so much!

  40. Brenda T. says:

    These look awesome! I was trying to figure out a fun breakfast for Valentine’s Day for my family and these look like they will be just perfect. Our favorite way to eat waffles (sometimes I buy sometimes make) is to make an easy blueberry sauce and then a little whip cream (the real stuff–not the whipped topping with HFCS!) on top–much less sugar than syrup and my kids ALWAYS finish theirs! Sounds complicated but it’s easy enough for us to do on weekday mornings!

    If I put one of your buttons on my blog, will you put one of mine on yours? 🙂

  41. Sandra says:

    We have been using the same waffle maker we got when we got married (15 years ago) and could really use a new one.

    When we are in a pinch for breakfast (or dinner)… frozen waffles with fruit can be a life saver. Most brands have so much crap in them that I prefer homemade for my kids but…. surprisingly… Costco’s brand is all natural and provides a nice alternative to homemade.

  42. Mollie says:

    My 2 year old son asks for waffles every morning for breakfast. I would love to be able to make them homemade for him!

  43. Shana says:

    I make plain waffles and the kids put peanut butter on them. This looks like it wouldn’t need any extras put on and has some nutritional value:) Looking forward to trying them.

  44. Ashley says:

    I love waffles and I’ve always wanted to make them however there were two things stopping me: 1. I lacked a good recipe 2. I don’t own a waffle maker. I’m pleased to have now found a fantastic recipe that you ladies worked so hard to deliver to us, but if only I had a waffle maker to try them out…..hmmmm what’s a girl to do? =) LOL I love your show and appreciate all that you do to help us moms out!

  45. Christine C. says:

    I have never owned a waffle maker before and an hoping to win so I can make all these yummy waffle recipes. It would be nice to actually make my own waffles instead of going out to IHOP every time I want one. Good luck everybody! 😀

  46. Kitty says:

    I have a waffle maker that is probably 50 years old. B4 the days of teflon and non-stick. I only keep it for sentimental reasons since it belonged to my Granny. I really need to donate it, it is taking up precious cabinet space. I rarely use it because the waffles stick and what a mess to clean up stuck-on waffle.

    We love waffles but usually only have them from frozen brands or when we travel and eat breakfast in a restaurant. Anyway, thinking about waffles has made me hungry.

    Thanks for this great giveaway.

    maynekitty at live dot com

  47. Kitty says:

    tweeted about the giveaway—-http://twitter.com/maynekitty/status/9022431717

  48. I would love to win this! I just got a good batch of sourdough starter going and I would love to make some sourdough waffles for my family.

  49. Janeen says:

    We LOVE waffles! We never have leftovers…the boys always eat them all up. Their favorite are chocolate chips. I would love to win this because we cannot find a belgian waffle maker that is square and makes square waffles. All we find are round…Thanks for the amazing recipe. We will be trying it, but with a regular waffle maker.

  50. Janeen says:

    I am also a Facebook fan~

  51. Tiffany says:

    I love blueberry waffles with cut up strawberries on top!

  52. Leila says:

    I felt so bad the other morning when my daughter asked me what she could have for breakfast, and I said, “We have cereal”. She replied by saying that she was tired of cereal. Winning the waffle maker would allow me to make waffles easily so she could have a hot breakfast.

  53. Christina Davis says:

    I have been a frozen waffle fan for awhile (flax/whole grain of course), u honestly, I don’t know why I never thought of having a maker at home. Plus the grab-n-go factor of waffles are great.

  54. Elizabeth says:

    I love pecan waffles! Thanks for the great healthier waffle recipe. Sounds like a winner. Maybe even for dessert with a small scoop of frozen yogurt on top?

  55. eatingRD says:

    Those look so wonderful! I’ve never made chocolate waffles before mmm Our favorite waffle recipe is actually not a waffle per se, but waffled french toast! You make it exactly like french toast, but then you cook each slice of cinnamon swirl bread in the waffle iron 🙂 I’ve also made a pumpkin version.

  56. Marla says:

    I would love a waffle maker! It always seemed like if I had one, I would be tempted to eat waffles that were not too healthy. But of course, I was wrong!

  57. cathy says:

    OMG! That is so wierd. I just had to throw my old waffle maker out because it died on me. I haven’t even shopped for a new waffle maker but these look great and way better than the one I had. I would love to win this waffle maker for my three kids who love homemade waffles. I like my waffles with blueberries and honey, but the rest of the family just likes plain old syrup, which is ok too. Thank you for entering me and for everything else.

  58. Rachel T says:

    I’ve been looking and looking for a great waffle recipe and have yet to find a favorite. I’ve enjoyed, but haven’t been bowled over by, pumpkin pancakes. Thanks for this recipe! Can’t wait to try it!

  59. Michele says:

    I would totally love a waffle maker. I used to have a cheap-o waffle maker, and I used it every other weekend to make waffles and keep them in the freezer for my kids as a quick breakfast. Since my little mishap -I have really wanted another waffle maker.

    I have not made any special waffles, just the add water and egg version. With a new waffle makers comes the hope of making homemade delicious waffles!

  60. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my goodness, this recipe looks fantastic! I don’t have a waffle recipe to share because I’ve never actually made waffles. My husband loves them, so I would love to win!

  61. Mandy says:

    My grandmother got us turned on to these, they’re delicious!

    Blender Waffles

    1 C. whole wheat
    1 C. milk

    Blend in blender for 3 minutes.

    Add 1/2 C. milk and blend for 2 more minutes

    Add 1/2 C. oil, 2 tsp sugar, 1 egg, 3/4 tsp salt, 3 tsp baking powder. Blend.
    I added about 2 TB sugar
    Make up waffles and enjoy.

  62. Jen says:

    My 8 year old has recently learned to make waffles for us, but our waffle maker only makes 2 at a time, so it takes forever. We usually make the whole wheat waffles from the Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook, but we’ll definitely be giving the banana brownie version a try!

  63. Mandy says:

    I’m a facebook fan!:)

  64. Mandy says:

    your button is on my sidebar. Who wouldn’t want your button? You’re fabulous!!

  65. Tomorrow is my birthday! I’d love a new waffle maker. My current one is 5 yrs old and was bought at a yard sale 🙁 It is time for a new one. We also may go gluten free and it would be nice to have a separate one for that. We are on the Feingold diet and we are dye/preservative fee. So, that leaves most frozen waffles out of the question.


  66. Anne says:

    I love waffles, especially with whipped cream and strawberries. When my kids were little, I let them add food coloring to the batter and they could have any color waffle they wanted.

  67. Amy L says:

    I’d like to win this waffle maker for my daughter. She loves belgian waffles, and she’s been wanting her own waffle iron for her apartment.

  68. Amy L says:

    I have your button on my sidebar:

  69. Margaret says:

    I love making waffles and our other one is really old. I heard that you mentioned me on your podcast and I told all my friends it was really cool! This is the first giveaway I have entered and it would be really cool if I won.

  70. Carol Gamble says:

    These waffles look delicious! I currently live overseas and we don’t have frozen foods here and I know waffles are one thing my boys miss. Winning a waffle maker to make those yummy waffles would be an absolute treat for them.

  71. Bren says:

    I have the same waffle iron I was given as a wedding gift. It makes the basic type of waffles. I have always been happy with the recipe from the Betty Crocker Cookbook — where you fold in your egg whites. I have always loved Belgian waffles and would love to start making them too.

  72. Robin says:

    Your waffle recipe looks great! My 9 year-old is allergic to both soy and dairy. Most frozen waffles include one or both of these, so it would be great to be able to make my own. And homemade waffles taste much better than the frozen ones, anyway!

  73. Deb says:

    I loved waffles as a kid. However, whenever I make them for my kids now, they don’t seem to taste like the ones I remember. I’m always disappointed. Either I haven’t found the “right” recipe or it’s my waffle maker. My waffle maker is pretty old, so I’m thinking that’s the problem..I’d love to win a new one and I know my boys would be thrilled!

  74. Yara says:

    The only waffle recipe I’ve ever really used is the vitamix recipe. It’s good, especially when I substitute coconut oil.
    I’d love this waffle maker as it would get breakfast made in the half the time- mine only cooks two at a time.
    It isn’t half as nice as this one though : )

  75. Yara says:

    I’m a facebook fan

  76. Jill Robinson says:

    This looks like a terrific wafflemaker. I’d love to have a new one that maes bigger waffles.

  77. Julie Jones says:

    This recipe looks yummy! My favorite waffle recipe is for “overnight waffles” Whenever we have overnight guests, I mix the waffle batter the night before and put it in the fridge. In the morning, everyone helps themselves to the waffle maker when they are ready to get up for breakfast. This belgian waffle maker would be wonderful to have for our guests.

  78. Paula says:

    We love belgium waffles! If you use club soda it helps to make an extra light waffle that is delicous. Top with fresh fruit and a dollop of whip cream, perfect for weekend breakfast! The waffle machine is a great way to bring family together to do something fun!

  79. Amy M. says:

    I’m a Facebook Fan!

  80. Detra. Dowling says:

    I want a waffle maker so I can make these!

  81. Carmel says:

    I love belgium waffles! I have a single maker but it doesn’t work very well and it burns them and ends up just being a pain. I don’t have a fave recipe because I don’t usually cook from scratch… I know I’m bad just use mixes.

  82. Carmel says:

    I tweeted the give away! Tweet Tweet

  83. Carmel says:

    I’m a fan already, and I posted the giveaway on my facebook page.

  84. Jinny says:

    MMMMMMM…those look so delicious! I’d love this waffle maker. We have one that makes very flat waffles (almost like pancakes, and it just isn’t the same, so haven’t been using it! Thanks for the incredible recipes!

  85. Hi,
    I became a Facebook Fan!
    thank you

  86. Mike Johnson says:

    The best waffles are plain waffles with LOTS of butter, and a bit of syrup. Or substitute butter for peanut butter. My kids and I would love to make them again with a new waffle iron–an iron like our old one that makes 4 waffles at once like this one is hard to find.

  87. Lori Hylton says:

    My son loves waffles and these look yummy. With a waffle maker my son and I could make them together.

  88. Michele H. says:

    I want a waffle maker because my boys love waffles, and I’d love to be able to give them a fresh, healthier version of the Eggo waffles they eat. I’d feel so much better about it!

  89. Lara says:

    I so want to win the waffle maker so I can make these delicious looking waffles!

  90. Jennifer C says:

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! My current favorite is a sour cream waffle recipe from the Barefoot Contessa. The waffles are the perfect texture.

  91. Carol E says:

    I have a great waffle recipe! They are called Norwegian waffles. It’s made with evaporated milk and lasts in the refrigerator for a week. Everyone that’s tried them loves them. My favorite frozen waffle is Special K strawberry waffles.

  92. Courtenay says:

    I don’t have a favorite waffle recipe because I don’t have a waffle maker! So if I win one I will find out which recipe is my favorite. The brownie banana one looks yummy.

  93. Alice Meade says:

    Our family loves waffles!

  94. Meryl Hyatt says:

    Our boys have been eating lots of muffins from your cookbook and web site for breakfast. I would love to start cooking them your waffles too!

  95. Amy G says:

    I would just love,love,love to own this awesome waffle maker so my family of 5 could enjoy the wonderful waffles i briefly once made on a 2 slice $10 waffle make that only lasted a handful of uses:( Our favorite and healthy “Mixed Berry Whole Wheat” recipe is as follows:


    1 c white flour
    1 c whole wheat flour
    2 tsp baking soda
    2 tbs white sugar
    1 tsp salt
    2 c milk
    2 eggs
    2 tbs veg. oil
    1 tsp cinnoman
    1 c mixed berries

    By Amy

  96. Anne says:

    Good morning! Thank you for giving us all a chance at winning this waffle maker. : )
    I am hoping to make my sweet husband some homemade waffles and then serve him in bed. I might try one of the recipes posted here. They sound fabulous! Great idea to ask for recipes, too. I’ll enjoy trying them.
    : )

  97. Judy says:

    I have twin boys who are extremely picky eaters. Now one of them has developed a lactose intolerance so I have to make every meal without dairy. I am constantly scanning your recipes to find ones to make that my boys are willing to try. I really appreciate that you put excellent nutrition into each recipe. I have recently made your French Toast with great success. I substitute almond milk for the regular milk. I have found that it tastes better than soy or rice milk.

    I would greatly appreciate winning the waffle iron because it would open up a new way for me to make a new recipe to see if my sons would eat waffles. The recipe for waffles sounds excellent.

    Thank you for all that you do to help moms like me.

  98. Kira says:

    My favorite waffle recipe is a basic one, but the trick to make them delicious is to separate the egg whites, beat them until stiff peaks then fold them into the rest of the ingredients. It makes the waffles lighter and heavenly!!! I do this even when I mix half whole-wheat flour and it comes out pretty awesome.

  99. Jane says:

    I don’t have a favorite recipe. I ususally buy them frozen since I don’t have a waffle maker. Would love to win and try your great looking recipe.

  100. Kim Boucher says:

    wow!!! oh hope i win! i make pancakes all the time and just the other day i told my husband i wanted a waffle maker. I don’t have a waffle recipe because i don’t make them. but i hope to start. thanks for the giveaway!!

  101. sondra says:

    We love waffles on the weekend!!! YUMMM!!!

  102. Stephanie says:

    Our family favorite waffle recipe is pumpkin waffles- either made from scratch with canned pumpkin or Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake & Waffle mix.

  103. Heidi says:

    The brownie waffles look absolutely amazing. I feel the need to make the right now. If I only had a waffle maker I could!!

    Keep up the great work. My boys have been enjoying recipes. I’ve come along way from a frozen chicken nugget dinner mom to someone who actively uses your recipes!!

  104. Bonnie says:

    We’ve never had a waffle maker. Both of my boys love the frozen ones but I’d like to be able to make them real ones.

  105. Monica says:

    I would love to be able to make waffles!

  106. Kathy says:

    We love waffles….all shapes and sizes. I especially like to make corny waffles with creamed corn added to the batter–look for corny pancake recipes. Here’s a link to an offbeat waffle recipe that tastes pretty good and has some very healthy ingredients.


  107. Candace says:

    Our favorite waffle recipe is the South Beach diet buttermilk waffles with jam. http://www.southbeachdiet.com/sbd/publicsite/recipes/Buttermilk-Waffles-With-Jam.aspx
    I’d love a new waffle maker!

  108. Larissa says:

    This recipe looks fantastic! I would love to win the waffle maker to give this recipe a try with my daughter. I am not a great cook by nature but the Meal Makeover Moms help me tap into my deep down inner talents. Thanks for this recipe!

  109. Jessica says:

    I would love a waffle maker! =) I have no favorite recipes…yet =)

  110. Gretchen Garrison says:

    We made waffles today with a recipe that needed improvement. I am excited to try some of these new recipes – especially the banana brownie one. I think that will be a “Happy Valentine’s” breakfast for my husband and kids. Sounds yummy!

  111. valerie culver says:


    Winning the Waffle maker would not only be great for our family as our own waffle maker is in a sorry state, but as my hubby’s unit FRG leader it would be put to use there too. This would be faboulous as we could use both the receipe and maker for the ‘Grag & Go’ breakfast fundraisers we do for my hubby’s unit in the Army. We raise funds for things like a Mom’s Nite Out when hubby is off on missions/deployments, holiday get-togethers, kid’s fun days, baby welcome gifts, and family activities like going to a local hockey game etc. Truly both the receipe and the maker would be an amazing addition to our usual menu choices for the guys – especially as these seem very easy to consume hand held style with a cup of coffe or juice.

    Thank you for the consideration, Valerie

  112. Jamie says:

    I love making waffles for my family on Sunday mornings (my big breakfast day). I love putting pecans in my waffles or making buttermilk waffles.

  113. Jamie says:

    I already have one of your buttons on my sidebar.

  114. I love waffles with loads of fruit!! Esp pineapple, mango, manderine oranges, and some blackberries!!! Yum – so can’t wait for some!!!

  115. Kristine says:

    The Banana Chocolate waffle recipe sounds delicious and perfect for Valentine’s day! Thanks for the recipe!

  116. Oooh… this recipe looks fabulous! My boys just gave me a waffle maker for Christmas, so I’m still in the “experimentation” phase with various recipes. I’ve been thinking it would be fun to have people come over for a “make your own waffle” breakfast party…. another waffle iron would help speed things along and allow us to have a variety of flavors going at once!

  117. Kristine says:

    I would love a waffle maker, I don’t have one and the giveaway one looks GREAT! Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  118. smilnmom says:

    WE LOVE Waffles! We are a gluten free family and have to use an alternate flour blend for our waffles. My husband is not gluten free and would love to have a waffle maker I would let him use!

  119. monica says:

    I make vegan ww waffles and I’m dying to try a sourdough waffle recipe but my iron is spent! Great giveaway!!

  120. tamar says:

    We love pancakes, for breakfast, lunch or supper, and I’d love to try making my own waffles. This recipe sounds yummy!

  121. Karen says:

    I’ve always wanted a wafflemaker my short 18 year life but my family has never really been able to purchase one. But I keep hoping!! =D

  122. Jennifer says:

    I’ve never owned a waffle iron, but judging by the looks of those banana browning waffles, I have to get one!!!!

  123. Jo says:

    I don’t have a waffle maker, but would love to have one. so we make pancakes, the hearty cornmeal apple pancakes from your book are my kids fav. plain waffles with fresh strawberries and cream is so good. i dont buy store brands very often and only the ones from the farmers market so would love to be able to make my own.

  124. Jennifer says:

    It’s been so long since we’ve owned a real waffle maker that I couldn’t even tell you how to make homemade waffles. When the kids are relentless about having to have waffles instead of pancakes, I serve TJ’s frozen waffles. I think they’re about as good as frozen waffles get… but oh, would we ever love to try out some homemade waffle recipes in our brand new waffle iron. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that we win. I can assure you the waffle maker would get A TON of use at our house! We might never eat pancakes again 🙂

  125. Wendy says:

    I’m so happy you posted this recipe because I just dug our waffle maker out of the high cupboard to make waffles for the first time in years last weekend! I’d like to win the waffle maker because mine is no good. The timer is unreliable and the instructions don’t tell you how much batter to use! What good is that??

  126. Susan B says:

    These waffles sound soooo good. I have never made waffles before, only had them in a restaurant or the frozen variety.

  127. Melissa F says:

    i would love to win this cuz it would be soooo awesome to make homemade waffles, personalized to what each person likes. me i would go for the banana brownie recipe you posted and i am sure we could come up with a zillion ways and they would all be so much better than those store bought frozen discs! thanks for the chance to win. Happy Valentines day everyone!
    [email protected]

  128. Kristin says:

    My kiddos love frozen waffles and have never balked at the Eggo NutriGrain. Too bad there is now a shortage! I’ve bought other natural, whole grain ones, but today, being sick on my bday, my husband is making me homemade waffles…. it will be my day to indulge!

  129. Sandi says:

    When we make waffles I usually use the recipe on the low fat bisquick box. Today however I made the Banana brownie wafles and wow are they good. We often like to have breakfast for dinner on a Sunday night and these would be perfect for that. MKy waffle maker maeks two at a time and is slow to heaqt up. I would love the Cuisinart one.Being transplanted New Englanders real maple syrup is all we use. Each summer our inlaws vacation up north with their motor hiome and they ask us how many GALLONS we want

  130. Kevin says:

    my mom made these for valentines day and they were grrreat.

  131. Linda Kent says:

    My kids LOVE waffles, and I love them too because it’s possible to make them healthfully with recipes like yours. Waffles are my go-to breakfast when we have sleepovers at our house. My waffle maker is older than my marriage-15 years at least-so my family could really use a new one.

  132. Teresa Henkhaus says:

    Wow — I would love a waffle maker! I stopped buying most waffles a long time again — my daughter thinks they taste like cardboard (even with syrup). Any opportunity to serve up healthy food would be wonderful.

  133. Kristine says:

    Thanks for this great recipe, I can’t wait to make them! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  134. Rebecca says:

    I’m a biscuit mix waffle maker, so I’ll sure try this recipe. Thanks!

  135. Barb says:

    I usually use a mix to make our waffles. I would love to win this waffle maker because the one I have is about 20 years old and very small. and round. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  136. Beth says:

    Joined your FB fan page.

  137. Bonnie P. says:

    We had two great waffle makers, but lost them both in a fire in 2002, and it was one item that we never replaced. Would love to have a new one. We enjoy pancakes and french toast, and would love to make waffles!!

  138. Molly says:

    Ahh, my husband wanted to register for a waffle maker when we got married and I refused….in my pre-married days, I wasn’t much of a cook and we didn’t have a lot of space and I thought it would be a waste of space! Now that I am elbow-deep in domestic bliss, there are many a Saturday morning that my husband woefully repeats his unanswered request for a waffle maker! He’d LOVE it if I won this!

  139. Jill says:

    We used to have an old and very cheap waffle maker. When I would use it, the top plate would fall off and smash the waffles. I burned my hands numerous times and finally decided to pitch the thing much to the dismay of my kids. Now whenever we go out for breakfast they order the waffles. Would be nice to have a waffle maker at home 🙂 Love the recipe – yummy!!

  140. Wendy M says:

    We Love waffles, I like to try new recipes, we make a lot of pumpkin waffles. I try to make a double batch or more when we have waffles, so we can have quick breakfasts that the kids can warm up in the toaster.

  141. Wendy M says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook!

  142. We got a waffle maker for a wedding present 17 years ago and we are still using it today!! It has been the best single gift we got and the only wedding present we are still using. I like to use applesauce instead of the oil to make a healthier waffle. You just need to make sure you spray the waffle maker good after two or three waffles. Now that we have three big kids and the 2 of us we could use two waffle makers so we can be more efficient in our breakfast making. Not to mention I can’t believe our waffle maker has many more waffles left in it!!

  143. Wehaf says:

    I love blueberry waffles topped with real maple syrup and powdered sugar. So does my boyfriend, and he and I have wanted a waffle iron for a while!

  144. MelV says:

    Our new favorite waffle recipe is from Giada at Home. Cinnamon waffle recipe.

  145. Yolanda says:

    Hey Ladies! Everyone wants this waffle maker and I do too! 🙂 My family loves the Ego Whole Wheat waffles. They also make blueberry & cinnamon in whole wheat too. I’ve been wondering why I haven’t seen Ego waffles at my grocery store and now I know why.

    Kashi Heart to Heart waffles are also good too! You just don’t get as many in a package.

    I also love maple syrup but it does cost an arm & a leg to buy it. I watched a Dirty Jobs episode where Mike was at a maple syrup farm and there are a lot of tedious steps to making maple syrup so it makes sense why it does cost a lot. But I tend to buy the cheaper Aunt Jemima kind.

    We just bought a Cuisinart coffee maker and a Cuisinart waffle maker would look so lovely next to it. 🙂

    Hugs! Yolanda

  146. Sarah says:

    I threw my waffle maker out a few years ago because I always got so frustrated when the waffles stuck no matter how much I greased it. My kids love waffles and it would be like going out to a special breakfast minus the bill getting a new waffle maker that actually works!

    Pick me, pick me!

  147. Leala says:

    I’d love a waffle maker! My husband and I are teaching ourselves to cook more and it would be great to be able to experiment with making our own waffles at home instead of buying frozen.

  148. Tracey says:

    Yum! This recipe looks absolutely delicious! Definitely a step up from the Bisquick recipe I normally use. I’d love to win this waffle maker so I can make more waffles at once to feed my impatient little monkeys 😉

  149. Colleen says:

    I have never had a lot of luck making waffle batter from scratch. Pancakes I can do, waffles just never seem to turn out. I always buy the Krusteaz belgian waffle mix at the store. Williams Sonoma has a mix that is REALLY good, but very expensive. I am excited to try this recipe. My kids are going to go crazy over them, I’m sure!

  150. Monica says:

    We usually buy Kashi waffles. I always thought making waffles would be a lot of work but this seems easy. Thanks for the inspiration!

  151. Katie says:

    The recipe looks great! I’ve been looking for a healthy chocolate waffle recipe for a while. I have a question, though–do you think I could substitute applesauce for the banana? My kids are not crazy about the taste of banana, and applesauce is usually more neutral.


  152. Ellie says:

    I am the only member of my family who does not like pancakes. I just don’t like the mushiness of them. But I love the crunch I get from a waffle!

  153. Hi everyone- Meal Makeover Mom Janice here. I made these banana brownie waffles for Valentine’s Day and they were a huge hit! For a different topping I simmered a one-pound bag of frozen organic strawberries from Trader Joe’s with a couple tablespoons of sugar for about 20-25 minutes until it became a thick sauce. Leah went crazy for it and was just eating it with her fork! The next day she ate a leftover chocolate waffle with some peanut butter on top. We’ll be making these weekly!
    Thanks for all the great comments. We’ll try some of your suggestions to beat the egg whites separately or add a little club soda to the batter to lighten up the waffles. Julie, you could try to substitute applesauce for the oil but the waffles might stick so be sure to spray the waffle maker well. We prefer to use a little heart-healthy oil in our recipes. Katie, if your kids don’t like the flavor of banana. give the applesauce a try and see how it works. Be sure to let everyone know if you try it. EatingRD, waffle French toast sounds like fun- we’ll let you know what our kids think!
    Keep on cooking everyone!

  154. Beth Booker says:

    I have an old-fashioned top-of-the-stove waffle iron that we use. I love to make Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and “waffle” them on the hot iron. They look pretty and fun. Having a new waffle iron would inspire me to new waffle creativity.

  155. Sheri says:

    Our family LOVES, LOVES, LOVES their waffles, and not just for breakfast! We eat waffles for dinner once or twice a month. To add some extra vitamins, I sneak in a jar of baby food butternut squash. The kids don’t even taste the difference! We will often add fresh fruit, such as bananas or apples and cinnamon to spice things up!

  156. eatingRD says:

    I just blogged about the giveaway! Chris and I made these this weekend and we were in heaven, soooo good! Thanks for a great recipe 🙂

  157. mmmmmmm I can’t wait to make antioxidant rich pumpkin waffles! Check it out: http://pumpkinwaffles.wordpress.com/ultimate-pumpkin-waffle-recipe/

  158. Andrea says:

    I desperately need a waffle maker because I learned just yesterday that my cousin wants a waffle maker, because he really likes waffles. Unfortunately, his waffle maker was used in a giveaway, and now he needs a new one. 😉

  159. Ashley Dunham says:

    I love to make gluten-free/dairy free pancake batter, which would be great to use for waffles! The only thing is I don’t have a waffle maker. I just mix arrowhead gluten-free pancake mix with Bob’s Red Mill all purpose baking mix for some added protein. Gingerbread waffles are yummy, too!

  160. Chrysta says:

    awesome giveaway!!! Id so love to make waffles I just need a waffle maker!!;) My favorite ones though are vanilla waffles. I love them with fresh vanilla beans and vanilla extract. Top it all off with some fresh fruit. Sssoo good! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  161. Paula says:

    My family’s favorite waffle recipe is the Moms’ Sweet Potato Waffle recipe. I struggle to get the three kids (and hubbie) to eat veggies so sneaking them into the waffles is great. Unfortunately, we haven’t had them in awhile since my old wafflemaker broke. Thanks for the new recipe. Looking forward to trying it as soon as we get another wafflemaker.

  162. Alicia says:

    We share our house with another family and share cooking–our housemates make amazing sourdough waffles. I wish I had the recipe but this might inspire me to ask for it!

  163. Christina says:

    I have always wanted a waffle maker so that I could make things like this for my family – something different for breakfast on the weekends. Since I don’t have a waffle maker, we eat them when we go out for breakfast or eggo frozen waffles.

  164. Shanna says:

    Oh these sound delicious, they just may become my favorite waffle recipe!

  165. Katie C says:

    My husband is a HUGE waffle fan. He’s been dying to get one of these for the longest time. Our favorite waffle recipe is your standard batter with some bacon bits and cinnamon stirred in.

  166. Michelle says:

    Okay, I would LOVE the waffle maker because I am using one that I got for $2 at an estate sale 12 years ago.
    And I would love to tell your our favorite waffle recipe but we just aren’t thrilled with the ones I’ve been playing around with for peanut butter waffles.

  167. Michelle says:

    I just fanned you 🙂

  168. Michelle says:

    And I told everyone about your website with a link 🙂
    I sooooo want this waffle maker LOL

  169. Sydney says:

    Love, love, love homemade waffles! Haha I love that they’re so easy to make. It is the only thing that I was able to convince my boyfriend to make homemade. He enjoyed doing it so much and I was so proud of him that I actually gave him my waffle iron. Sooooo, all of this waffle talk has really made me want to make my AMAZING pumpkin waffles again. I need a new waffle iron PRONTO 🙂

  170. Jen D says:

    My daughter loves gingerbread waffles at Christmas. I talked her out of it this year (we made pancakes instead) because I really hate my waffle maker. This would make me change my mind!

  171. I need a new waffle maker! Mine is SO old….and it’s round. For whatever reason I’ve always wanted a square one:)

  172. Shelley B says:

    I love waffles but sadly have been without a waffle maker for more than a decade (I know, the humanity!). I would love to win this and would use it to make some protein-packed waffles – I’ve seen recipes floating around the blog-o-sphere, but never bothered to write them down because I don’t have a wafflemaker…yet.

  173. Tiffany says:

    I love any whole grain waffles! It is my go-to breakfast for my daughter in the morning. I have never given her syrup but we have tried them with yogurt and peanut butter for dipping. Delicious!

  174. Jennifer says:

    I would love this waffle maker! My kids love them, but I don’t like to buy them very often. I would love to have this to be able to make them ahead and freeze for a quick breakfast on those busy mornings!

  175. Tricia says:

    I have been wanting a waffle maker FOREVER! the brownie waffles sound delish!

  176. Leslie says:

    I would love to have a waffle maker! I would like to be able to feed my toddler more nutritious breakfasts and this recipe looks so yummy and healthy!!

  177. Sharon says:

    Those Banana Brownie Waffles look so good!!

    My favorite waffle recipe is the Overnight Yeasted Waffles from Cooks Illustrated. You have to plan ahead a bit, but they’re worth it. (Link only works for Cooks Illustrated members–sorry.) http://www.cooksillustrated.com/recipes/detail.asp?docid=6033

  178. Sharon says:

    I’m a facebook fan of Meal Makeover Moms. Sharon O.

  179. Katie says:

    Well, I made them with the applesauce this morning and they were a little “floppy,” as my kids said. I also used white whole wheat flour instead of the white, and they seemed to taste fine. Other than the texture, I think they were a success! Maybe I just needed to cook them a little longer. Thanks for the recipe.

  180. Dana says:

    Great recipe! I use part whole wheat flour, some wheat germ and replace 1 of the eggs w/ 1/4 cup of either apple sauce or pumpkin puree. Yum!

  181. Dana says:

    I just became a Facebook fan too!

  182. Sarah says:

    I love u guys! I listen to you while I am working all the time. Thanks for getting me through the day. I would love a waffle maker because I don’t have one, but I do have a 5 year old who I know would love you even more than I do if i happened to win one!!!!

  183. Chris says:

    I don’t have a favorite waffle recipe because it has been over 10 years since I made them (since living with my parents who have a waffle maker!). I know I made them often and loved to add in many things (fruit, wheat). We usually do Eggo waffles in the toaster now if anything!

  184. Tara says:

    My family loves waffles. We sometimes eat them for dinner. This recipe looks yummy!!!!

    I LOVE my grandmother’s recipe. She uses club soda. It adds some fizz to it and gives it a ‘lift’.

    We would love a new waffle maker. Ours has seen better days.

    As far as frozen waffles go, we like eggo.

    Also a fan of facebook!!!!!

  185. Daryl Callahan says:

    I want to win the give away because I love home made waffles. I lost my waffle maker when I got divorced. I always used applesauce instead of oil to make them low fat. Yours look absolutely delicious.

  186. Samantha R says:

    We usually make a basic waffle batter from a recipe in my betty crocker cookbook, but I think I will have to give your recipe a try!

  187. Kelli says:

    I have a favorite pancake but not a favorite waffle recipe. Why? Because I’ve never owned a waffle iron! I’d love to do some experimenting, so a new iron would be great (especially on a poor college student’s budget)!

  188. Bonnie says:

    My kids were just asking me about waffles yesterday. I would love to win a great waffle maker.

  189. Bonnie says:

    I am now a facebook fan 🙂

  190. trixx says:

    We usually buy Eggos, but looking at your photos… I so want to try out homemade ones instead of crappy frozen!

  191. Cecilia says:

    My favorite waffles are Pizzelles. I usually make those while watching tv. It takes sooo long to make 12 dozen.

  192. juli says:

    we just love waffles. but don’t have a waffle maker

  193. Lisa says:

    Your Banana Brownie Waffle recipe looks so delicious! We usually just eat Eggo waffles but I’ll bet these are like 50X better!

  194. adrian says:

    Krogers makes really good waffles

  195. Pam says:

    We buy Eggos – chocolate chip, blueberry and strawberry.

  196. My family loves whole wheat Eggo Waffles. Breakfast is one of our favorite meals, especially on the weekends when we get to try something new or have a favorite recipe. I can’t wait to try the banana waffles recipe.

  197. Karen says:

    I’ve always, absolutely loved waffles but had never had the ability to make them at home. As a poor college student, I am unable to justify spending money on a kitchen utility, so thank you for this great giveaway!!

  198. Linda says:

    My family loved these this morning. My 3 year old twins helped to make them and I was delighted to see everyone enjoy this simple recipe.

  199. Lillian says:

    I love breakfast foods–it became something of a tradition while I was young with waffles or pancakes on sunday morning. I’m on a journey finding healthier ways of making my favorite recipes and thus this recipe was born.

    I love chocolate; I love bananas; I love chocolate and bananas together. That lead me straight to banana-chocolate waffles. After a little research and some small tests, I’m happy to say that this answered the call with chocolatey sweet complementing the banana flavor. It doesn’t need syrup at all, the sugar caramelizes as it cooks in the waffle iron giving it a pleasant crunch, strong chocolate taste, with just enough banana flavor to make me happy. It’s vegan, it’s gluten free, and it doesn’t taste like it.

  200. Jim says:

    I just tried this yummy recipe from your blog and it has come out really yummy!! 🙂
    This is my first banana brownie waffles and I am quite happy with the outcome…
    Thanks for sharing this easy recipe 🙂

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