Kitchen Makeover Update: A Kitchen Island That Looks More Like a “Continent” and Hot Running Water

Those of you who follow our blog, listen to our Cooking with the Moms podcast, or know me personally are no doubt aware that I’ve been knee deep in a major kitchen renovation since last August. It’s been an exciting journey, but like most home improvement projects, a big-time challenge. Indeed, washing dishes in the bathtub got old after a week, never mind after five months. Don and I are now so close to kitchen completion, we can practically smell the cookies baking in our new Kenmore double oven!

You have to start somewhere. This is what our kitchen looked like last summer when the construction crew dug out our kitchen foundation. Last week was a thrill, when the countertops, sinks, and faucets were finally installed.

Check out our new island, countertop courtesy of Cosentino. The Silestone surface is made from natural quartz, a hard surface that is scratch resistant and non porous, so it’s naturally stain resistant and doesn’t need to be sealed. In other words, it’s maintenance free. We chose a color called, Lyra, and a leathered finish.

When my architect friend, David, saw the kitchen island he said, “That’s not an island … it’s a continent!”

Cosentino also makes an award-winning line called ECO, made with 75% recycled materials — things like glass bottles, mirrors, ash, and ceramics. We used ECO for our main countertops in a color called, Iron Ore. Don’t I look happy?

Here is a short video of the guys from Gerrity Stone installing the ECO counters. By the way, it took seven strong men to carry the thousand-pound slab of Silestone from the truck to the kitchen for our island.

Will from Gerrity Stone was responsible for the installation of my countertops.

The folks at Kohler were kind enough to provide the faucets and sinks for the kitchen renovation (this made my plumber happy since he told me Kohler was the best quality). These materials have been in our crowded basement for weeks, and it was so cool to finally see them installed. It will now be a huge pleasure to wash dishes 🙂

Has anyone undergone a big renovation in their house? Any stories to share? If you want to see more photos of the kitchen renovation visit The Meal Makeover Moms’ Flickr page.

8 responses to “Kitchen Makeover Update: A Kitchen Island That Looks More Like a “Continent” and Hot Running Water”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! You, my friend, make the best kitchen accessory! It’s that big smile — a mix of accomplishment, joy and relief. SO happy for you! And your faucets and countertops are bellissima! Can’t wait to see your new posts from your gorgeous space. 🙂

  2. Your kitchen is looking so pretty! When we redid ours 11 years ago, we put in a huge island too-absolutely love it! It’s seen lots of baking, family dinners, wine nights with friends, art projects, lego building, photography for the blog, and, of course, homework 🙂 Congratulations on what looks like your {almost} done kitchen & happy cooking in 2013!

  3. LaTashia Edwards says:

    Your kitchen looks gorgeous! I’d be more than happy to sit on your new floor and organize your new tupperware drawer just so I can hang out in it…

    • Janice says:

      Tashia, I was hoping you would say that! Can’t wait for you to see the kitchen — we have a lot more room for Tupperware and other fun things now. Does this mean I don’t have to throw away anything?!

  4. Thanks Tina and EA. You are both welcome to come and see and cook with me in my new kitchen anytime!

  5. serena says:

    So so happy for you my friend! It’s goregous! I’ve been so excited to see the results. I’m so living vicariously thru you. Sigh. Do sahre tge very first meal you cook in it!

  6. Becky Martin says:

    How exciting. I know how ti feels to not have a kitchen for an extended amount of time. When you are back and cooking.. it will be so exciting. Can’t wait to hear what new recipes you and Liz create.

  7. Dana says:

    That is a beautiful kitchen. Now you can take awsome pictures and make alot of meal make overs in a kitchen like that. I am so happy for you.

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