How to Make a Halloween Vegetable Skeleton + a Recipe for Rainbow Vegetable Dip

For a healthy classroom or party treat, create a Halloween skeleton made with crunchy vegetables, and serve it with our Rainbow Vegetable Dip.

And then watch the kids eat lots and lots of vegetables! 

Make-Your-Own Halloween Vegetable Skeleton Classroom Activity

Why serve Halloween candy in the classroom or at a pre trick-or-treat party when the kids can munch and crunch their way through a make-your-own vegetable skeleton instead.

Our skeleton started out as a boy, but then he became a she with all that spinach and bell pepper hair!

Make-Your-Own Halloween Vegetable Skeleton Classroom Activity

This week, I taught a nutrition class to a group of preschoolers through a program in Lexington, MA called Kids Cooking Green. Since Halloween is just a few days away and I knew the kids were super excited about dressing up (and eating candy), I searched Pinterest for some fun and healthy Halloween ideas and came up with this make-your-own vegetable skeleton activity.

For your DIY vegetable skeleton, here’s what you’ll need:

1. A small glass bowl filled with your favorite dip. (Read on for our Greek- yogurt-based Rainbow Vegetable Dip recipe.)

2. Sliced olives for the eyes and baby spinach or kale leaves for the hair.

3. Sliced cucumbers or zucchini for the spine and sliced bell peppers for the ribs.

4. Carrot and celery sticks for the arms and legs; also, edamame and sliced bell peppers.

5. Sliced mushrooms for the pelvis.

6. Halved grape or cherry tomatoes for the feet.

7. Cooked bowtie pasta for the bowtie!

8. Patience, good humor, and a fun attitude! 😉

Make-Your-Own Halloween Vegetable Skeleton Classroom Activity

“Hmmm. Let me think about this. What should I eat next? A cucumber or a carrot?”

Rainbow Vegetable Dip

Makes 6 Servings

This dip will serve more than six kids if you’re serving it to preschoolers. For this activity I had nine kids in the class, and we had plenty to go around. Traditional dips are often made with sour cream and salty seasoning packets, and they have double the calories of this better-for-you dip, which is filled with natural flavors from fresh herbs.

  • 1 cup low-fat plain Greek yogurt
  • 4 tablespoons light mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill (plus more to taste)
  • 2 teaspoons honey mustard
  • Fresh, chopped and sliced vegetables of your choice

1. Place the yogurt, mayonnaise, dill, and honey mustard in a medium-size bowl and stir well to combine.

2. Let everyone at the table help themselves to the dip and a variety of colorful veggies.

Nutrition Information per Serving (about 3 tablespoons): 50 calories, 3g fat (0.5g saturated), 95mg sodium, 2g carbohydrate, 0g fiber, 3g protein

Print Recipe

Watch my YouTube video!

Felt board with vegetable cut outs

To start off the activity, I sat around with the kids and we talked about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. Then I asked them, “if you had to dress up as a fruit or vegetable for Halloween, what would you be?” The kids then placed their “costume” on the felt board.

Of course, my answer was, “an avocado!!”

What would you be?

Make-Your-Own Halloween Vegetable Skeleton Classroom Activity

Hanging out with my Skeleton Crew…

Make-Your-Own Halloween Vegetable Skeleton Classroom Activity

Scary skeleton faces.

Happy Halloween!!!

12 responses to “How to Make a Halloween Vegetable Skeleton + a Recipe for Rainbow Vegetable Dip”

  1. So fun! Perfect idea for a Halloween party!

  2. I love that you made it into a classroom activity–I bet the kids thought that was so fun!

  3. Rebecca says:

    This is adorable! & totally not just for kids!

  4. I have seen this over the years and always wanted to try it so this might be the year as I need something to take to my daughter’s school. Pinned! And thanks!

  5. Such a fun activity! I definitely am going to try this with Ellie. We love to play with our food!

  6. Lori says:

    Liz, you have the most wonderful ideas for teaching kids to eat well and enjoy fruits and veggies. We love what you teach the kids, and we always have fun when you come visit a Kids Cooking Green class. Thanks so much!

  7. absolutely adorable – both you with the kids and the veggie skeleton!

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