Mealtime Tools

Mealtime ToolsHave you ever run across one of those diet and nutrition books that tell you what you’re not supposed to feed your family or make you feel guilty every time your children eat anything with white flour, sugar, or salt? While the advice may be well meaning, it’s often extreme and unrealistic. As dietitians and moms, it’s our goal to provide you with sound, sensible, and practical advice, all designed to bring healthier meals to your table. The mealtime tools on this page include over two-dozen family nutrition articles – everything from how to get picky eaters to devour their veggies to tips for getting more bone-building calcium in the diet, a Supermarket Shopping List, our 7-Day Meal Planner, and a cool Recipe Reviewer Chart, which we hope will motivate your kids to try the delicious foods you prepare for them.