Recipe Reviewer Chart

Recipe Reviewer Chart“Hiring” your children to be recipe reviewers or testers is an ingenious way to get picky eaters to start tasting.

When kids think they’ll hate a new food, they often cross their arms, turn their heads and refuse to try what you put in front of them. This unwillingness to sample new textures and flavors coupled with the all-too-common moans and groans set the stage for mealtime angst. It’s no wonder your local pizza parlor is on speed dial.

To turn the tables on your picky eaters, “hire” them to taste and critique your recipes. We created a chart to help you get the ball rolling. The first column is where you write the name of the recipe you prepared. The next three columns – “I Like It,” “It’s Okay,” “No Thanks” – are where your child places a check mark after the recipe is sampled. The last column is the best of all: it’s the “reward” column. After each “review,” your child gets a star. Five or ten (or whatever you decide) tries earns a reward.

Your rewards should be appropriate for your child’s age. For younger kids, fun ideas could include stickers, a ball, art supplies, or a quarter. For older kids, the incentive could be something as cool as an iTunes gift card!

Download our Recipe Reviewer Chart.