Slow Cooker & Soups

Slow Cooker & SoupsSoups and slow cooker dinners are quintessential comfort foods. At their best, they are swift, simple, and soothing. But, they can also be way too high in salt thanks to the canned broth products and bouillon cubes often called for in soup and slow cooker recipes. To lighten things up while boosting the nutrients in every serving, we call for all-natural broths (lower in sodium than many of their commercial counterparts), along with vegetables, beans, lentils, canned tomato products, good quality lean meats, and whole wheat blend pastas. So the next time you make our Tuscan Minestrone Soup, A-Plus Alphabet Soup, Last-Minute Black Bean Soup, and Sweet & Hearty Beef Stew, you’ll be nourishing your body and your taste buds.
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